Sunday, September 14, 2008


When we bought the house I knew it was going to half to be done... create storm windows for thirteen single-paned mini-windows that were above nearly every window on the first floor. I didn't know it was going to take me four years to do it. One the first year, three on year two, five on year three and four on year four (there WILL be a test). Each year I would start in with the idea that "This will be done in NO TIME!" and then remember...

Rip the 2X4's to width, cut grooves for the glass, measure the openings, cut four pieces with the chop saw, sand the pieces, assemble three but leave the top piece off, measure for the glass, order the glass, primer the frame, clean the insides of the glass (double paned) to impossibly clean because once assembled there ain't no opening it back up to clean, put on the top piece, caulk outside of both panes of glass, wait for it to dry, clean up any caulk messes, climb ladder to opening to clean and remove loose caulk, replace with new caulk, when dried clean up window and paint, carry the storm window up and make sure it fits, trim off a bit of the storm window, carry it back up, carry it back down, trim again, paint the storm window, when dried clean the mini-window and the inside part of the storm window because once assembled there ain't no opening it back up, apply caulk on the inside of the mini-window, insert storm, tap into place, fill any openings with caulk, when dried paint the exterior.

Shoof! I'm tired just thinking about it! But at least it's done and we no longer have to have shrink-wrap plastic on the inside! Too bad I trapped a kitten inside a storm window but hey, it's almost like an ant-farm.

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